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How can I create a SimEvent Time-Based Entity Generator from Uniform Distribution in 2017a?

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I was trying to create my first SimEvents models following the instructions in the Build a SimEvents Model Youtube playlist.
In the second video they open the Library Browser and select SimEvent > Generators > Entity Generator > Time-based Event Generator.
There is where I encounter my first problem, for me (I'm using MATLAB 2017a, installed fresh from today 2017-03-10) there is not submenus under SimEvents, and I can only find a generic "Entity Generator".
So my first question is if there has been significant changes in SimEvents since 2013, or if I'm missing some other component.
Then the video continues setting up the time-based entity generator thought the properties dialog where a Uniform distribution is selected.
How can I achieve the same using the generic "Entity Generator 2017b"?
My guess is that I should select Time source: MATLAB Action and leave
dt = rand;
as Intergeneration time action. Am I correct?
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Ruben Laguna
Ruben Laguna on 11 Mar 2017
By typing simeventslib in the MATLAB Command Window , I get the old SimEvents that are used in that old YouTube Tutorial, and there a document called Migrate Legacy SimEvents Models that explains how to go from the pre-2016a SimEvents to the current. The Replace old blocks seems particularly useful

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 14 Mar 2017
In R2016a, there was a big change with the entire SimEvents block library. The SimEvents block library prior to R2016a is available as the Legacy Blocks sublibrary in the new SimEvents library. This sublibrary allows you to continue working on your legacy SimEvents models. However, please be aware of the compatibility consideration and note that: do not use legacy blocks in models with new SimEvents blocks and do not use new SimEvents blocks in legacy models.
I would recommend check out the Release Notes for SimEvents to learn about the changes made in each release. It is especially useful to read the R2016a Release Notes for any compatibility concerns due to the change with block library:
You are right about the Migrate Legacy SimEvents Models doc page being the best reference for converting the pre-R2016a models to the newer releases. Although the YouTube tutorials still serve as a great resource for learning SimEvents, you are also encouraged to check out the SimEvents examples in the current release R2017a.

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