MathWorks website asks me which country I am in.

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nfor inas
nfor inas le 13 Mar 2017
Every time I go the MathWorks website, there is a popup that asks me which country I am in. The popup that asks me if I'm in the USA always pops up twice.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 13 Mar 2017
You are blocking the cookie that it uses to remember where you are.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 13 Mar 2017
"Researchers have found a way to track web users even if they switch web browsers. It could improve security but also weaken online privacy.
The researchers at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania were trying to find ways of improving fingerprinting. That's a way to attempt to identify an individual user (or at least their computer) without relying on single identifiers such as login details, browser cookies, or an IP address."
I would really prefer Mathworks did not deploy "fingerprinting" technology to serve the niche market of people who block cookies for "privacy" but still expect that everything will Just Work.
I use multiple cookie blockers and anti-tracking programs, but I also know that means that some things will not work properly on sites.

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John Kelly
John Kelly le 13 Mar 2017
Perhaps your browser settings have cookies blocked
Or you are going to a domain that doesn’t match your cookie or your location. MathWorks does an IP detection to figure out where you are located. If your location matches the sub domain you’re requesting, MathWorks won’t be prompting you to confirm your location. If it doesn’t match, MathWorks will prompt you to confirm the sub domain of your preference.
If your cookies are enabled and you use the same browser, you won’t be prompted if you go to the subdomain you selected.

Jan le 13 Mar 2017
Modifié(e) : Jan le 13 Mar 2017
I do not have such problems with the same Win7/64 + Firefox 51.0.1 for the standard access of any Mathworks pages. But when I open this link:
I'm asked for choosing my country each time, but at least not twice. This does not happen with this link:
This means, that beside blocked cookies the link you select might matter also. What exactly does "accessing the site" mean?


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