How to save a figure's content as image?

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John Wray
John Wray le 14 Mar 2017
I want to save the content of the figure without any other stuff like border, title etc.
For example, this is the figure.
But How to Save the Red Area Content Only???
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Jan le 14 Mar 2017
Please explain how you want to save the file: Through a command or by using the menus?
K M Ibrahim Khalilullah
K M Ibrahim Khalilullah le 19 Juin 2018
I am fetching the same problem...I want to save from menu..

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Jan le 14 Mar 2017
Modifié(e) : Jan le 14 Mar 2017
What about this:
F = getframe(gca);
imwrite(F.cdata, 'File.png');
Thios capture the contents of the currently active axes object. It is safer to provide teh axes' handle instead of gca.
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Amrutamaya Behera
Amrutamaya Behera le 3 Jan 2021
Modifié(e) : Amrutamaya Behera le 3 Jan 2021
Why doesn't this getframe() command always work properly. In some cases i noted when my XLim or YLim is higher than 1000 this command gets only somepart of full frame. Please help me out.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 3 Jan 2021
Are you passing a rectangle specfication to getframe ?
There is a challenge that axes size can change slightly depending on xlim / ylim; I have noticed a difference of between -1 to +2 pixels. It was not as simple as "limit over 1000 is 2 pixels bigger". I seem to recall that I traced it to a rounding issue, a round-trip calculation that algebraically "should" work out to convert pixels -> internal coordinates -> pixels, but which can give minor differences.
When used without a rectangle specification, the normal result of this is that the captured area is slightly different in size, and that becomes a problem for writing video frames, as videos expect constant size.
The work-around I developed a couple of months ago was to record the size of the first getframe() and thereafter imresize() whatever was captured to that size.
I have not experimented using the rectangle specification; I would think that it could result in pixels being chopped, and I do not know what would happen for the case where the size available for capture was smaller than the rectangle specification.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 14 Mar 2017
The easiest way would probably to use
axis off
followed by saveas() or print()
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John Wray
John Wray le 14 Mar 2017
Yes, this would hide the axis, but the blank borader is still included in the saved file.
Andrea Manconi
Andrea Manconi le 30 Sep 2019
axis off tight
This should make the trick!

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