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LTI data extraction

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Ryan0101 le 23 Mar 2012
I have a continuous simulink model with mulitple transfer functions that I put into the LTI toolkit, but I would like to extract the bode plot (Magnitude and phase) into variable names so I can compare it to a discrete version I wrote. Is there a way to extract the data? or should I not use LTI and go about it differently?
here is the LTI code I used:
mdl = 'MODEL_Continuous'; % set to file name of simulink model
io = getlinio(mdl) % get i/o signals of mdl
op = operspec(mdl)
op = findop(mdl,op) % calculate model operating point
lin = linearize(mdl,op,io) % compute state space model of lin sys

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso le 23 Mar 2012
I believe you can use the bode function for that...
[mag,phase,freqs] = bode(lin)
Also, if you are comparing two systems, you might want to actually specify the frequencies of interest
%Create frequency vector with 100 points between 10^-1 .. 10^2
freqs = logspace(-1,2,100);
%Get bode output at those frequencies
[mag,phase] = bode(lin,freqs)
Hope this helps!
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Ryan0101 le 23 Mar 2012
yep I totally forgot about plain old bode()

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