My 'From Workspace block' does the wrong value after 10 seconds

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SRK747 le 3 Avr 2017
Réponse apportée : dbmn le 3 Avr 2017
I'm just using this:
t = 0.2 * [0:49]'; x = sin(t); y = 10*sin(t);
and then using a from workspace block in simulink with [t,x,y]. It only works for 10 seconds

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dbmn le 3 Avr 2017
That is because your variables t only covers the range from 0.0 - 9.8s (checkout t(end))
So after 9.8s your "From Workspace" Block starts to extrapolate data. What can you do?
  • either add more data in the workspace
  • or change the behaviour of your extrapolation (there is an option called "Form output data after final value by: " in your from workspace block)


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