Help me to fit my plot with pseudo-voigt function.

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There are peak functions like Pseudo-Voigt function y = y0 + A * ( mu * (2/pi) * (w / (4*(x-xc)^2 + w^2)) + (1 - mu) * (sqrt(4*ln(2)) / (sqrt(pi) * w)) * exp(-(4*ln(2)/w^2)*(x-xc)^2) )
These functions are widely available in OriginLab. I have plotted (x,y) but unable to fit above equation and get the constants. How to fit this equation to graph and get these variables y0,xc,A,w and mu.

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kk on 18 Jun 2018
Hello, I found your pseudo-Voigt function and it seems to be working with a few small changes if x is a column vector: y = A*(mu*(2/pi)*(w./(4*(x-xc).^2 + w^2)) + (1 - mu)*(sqrt(4*log(2))/(sqrt(pi)*w))*exp(-(4*log(2)/w^2).*(x-xc).^2))


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