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Davide Bassignana
Davide Bassignana le 13 Avr 2017
Commenté : dbmn le 13 Avr 2017
I want to plot 3 different curves in the same graph (one parameter changing).
if true
for M0=1.5:0.5:2.5
disp('Valori scelti di Mi')
yyaxis left
grid minor
plot(Mi,Dad,'-^','LineWidth', 2,'MarkerSize',8);
ylabel('Resistenza addizionale','FontSize',14)
title('Resistenza addizionale presa Pitot subcritica','FontSize',16)
yyaxis right
ylabel('Coeff. di Portata','FontSize',14)
hold on
(ignore the first line if true).
Wath I want is to get this graph with every blu and orange line with different style operating inside the for command.

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dbmn le 13 Avr 2017
You where almost correct. Just 2 small corrections:
1) "hold on" You added this line at the end of the script - this wont help you. Think about hold on as only between the two lines hold on / hold off that function is active (even if you dont specify hold off) -> just add hold on earlier in your code
2) use plotyy instead of plot. This allows you to get plots with 2 y axes
3) try to use handles, f.ex. h1 = plot(...). This allows you to accees the plotted lines much easier later in your script
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dbmn le 13 Avr 2017
ooops. Correction - i was to fast. Now it should work :) (tested)
plot(Mi,Dad,my_linestyle{i},'LineWidth', 2,'MarkerSize',8);

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