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Too many input arguments?

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Zack le 27 Mar 2012
function bistabilitymin2 = bistabilitymin2(t,y,p)
% Parameter values given
for i=1:10
tauMD = p(11);
tauRP = p(12);
tauEE = p(13);
betaMD = 1;
betaRP = 1;
betaEE = 1;
if t>50
S = 1;
a = 1/tauMD;
b = 1/tauRP;
c = 1/tauEE;
t1 = K(1)^n(1)/(K(1)^n(1)+S^n(1));
t3 = K(3)^n(3)/(K(3)^n(3)+y(1)^n(3));
t5 = K(5)^n(5)/(K(5)^n(5)+y(3)^n(5));
t6 = K(6)^n(6)/(K(6)^n(6)+y(2)^n(6));
t7 = y(1)^n(7)/(K(7)^n(7)+y(1)^n(7));
% System of ODEs where yp(1) = dMD/dt, yp(2) = dRP/dt, and yp(3) = dEE/dt
yp = zeros(3,1);
yp(1) = a*(t1-y(1));
yp(2) = b*(t3*t5-y(2))+0.2;
yp(3) = c*(t7*t6-y(3)); % dominant link
% yp(3) = c*(t7*t6-y(3)); % additive link
bistabilitymin2 = yp';
% Test file
clear all;
y0 = zeros(3,1);
p = zeros(13,1);
% Initial conditions for MD, RP, EE
% y0 = [0.01 11 0.01]' % quiescence state
y0 = [0 3.333 0]; % proliferation state
t0 = 0;
tfinal = 300;
% solve the system of ODEs that are specified in bistability.m
%for i=1:2
for j=1:10
for j=11:13
[t,y] = ode45('bistabilitymin2', [t0 tfinal], y0, [], p);
% MD{i}=y(:,1);
% RP{i}=y(:,2);
% EE{i}=y(:,3);
For some reason, when I try to run my test file, I get an error stating that there are too many input arguments for my ODE file. I'm trying to pass the parameter values stored in p from my test file to my ODE file. Please let me know where I'm messing up, thanks!

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso le 27 Mar 2012
When I did stuff like this, I always just created a wrapper function that does the parameter passing.
That would be replacing
[t,y] = ode45('bistabilitymin2', [t0 tfinal], y0, [], p);
bistabilityWrapper = @(t,y) bistabilitymin2(t,y,p);
[t,y] = ode45(bistabilityWrapper, [t0 tfinal], y0);
Essentially, the anonymous function passes the parameter p into the function, and then you use the anonymous function as an input to ode45.


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