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Calculate derivative with 3 matrices

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Amund Lindberg
Amund Lindberg le 21 Avr 2017
Réponse apportée : dbmn le 21 Avr 2017
Hello. Given 3 matrices, X, Y and Z, how can I approximate the derivative on Z on a given point (x, y) ?
I'm not supposed to use the gradient function.
Any help highly appreciated.

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dbmn le 21 Avr 2017
What would you do if you only had 1 Dimension?
You would do (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) with x2 being the nearest x to x1. Do exactly the same with multiple Dimensions.
  • Any given Point (x,y) will be on/within a triangle of neighboring points A, B, C.
  • Find the Points A B C of that triangle and then identify the gradient (hint: normal vector gets you there) in 3D of the area ABC.

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