configuration between picozed and host Computer

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I want to work with matlab application using picozed i used latest version(R2017a) trial pack.then i installed support package for Communication System Toolbox Support package for Xilinx Zynq based Radio Hardware .while setup the support package ping radio board failed in the final to change the ip adress of the Picozed board.

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Noam Levine
Noam Levine on 16 May 2017
You should be able to log onto the board via a terminal emulation program and set the IP address with the ifconfig command. See the Getting Started Guide for serial-port communications setup.
However, it may be more of a question of you Ethernet setup.
  • Are you connecting directly to the board via an Ethernet cable, or are you using a USB-to-Ethernet converter
  • Are there any IP address conflicts between different network adaptors?
  • Did you allow the setup process to program the SDCard for the hardware?


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