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How can I succesfully connect to Yahoo Finance?

Asked by Sven Opgenorth on 24 Apr 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Jeff Wong on 5 May 2019
There seems to be a problem with connecting to Yahoo Finance that started a few days ago: Code:
" c = yahoo;
sec = 'IBM';
field = 'Close'; % retrieve closing price data
fromdate = '01/01/2012'; % beginning of date range for historical data
todate = '06/30/2012'; % ending of date range for historical data
d = fetch(c,sec,field,fromdate,todate);
The error code: "Error using yahoo Unable to connect or retrieve data from given URL."
Thanks in advance!


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1 Answer

Answer by Vipresh Gangwal on 26 Apr 2017
 Accepted Answer

The following webpage may contain a workaround for this issue and instructions on how to apply the fix.


THX, works perfectly!
Not sure why you said works perfectly when Yahoo no longer provides data any more.

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