padarray using a for loop

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Fatima Daneshvar
Fatima Daneshvar on 22 May 2017
Answered: Matthew Eicholtz on 22 May 2017
i have used this line "rc2fsktu(i,:)=padarray(rc2fsktu(i,:),[0 1],'symmetric','post')" and this error has been occured: Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch can someone help me?

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Matthew Eicholtz
Matthew Eicholtz on 22 May 2017
I think the error is because you are trying to assign a padded row vector of length M to the pre-padded row vector of length N (N<M). If you are going to pad every row in the same manner, you can try:
rc2fsktu = padarray(rc2fsktu,[0 1],'symmetric','post');
Otherwise, I suggest storing the padded array in another variable name.


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