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Different graph on matlab and ms excel with same data

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Muhammad Saad Naeem
Muhammad Saad Naeem le 25 Mai 2017
Hello, i encounter the problem, when tried to draw lt-spice data in matlab. The plot was different in lt Spice from matlab. then i try to varify plot graph on ms excel with same data.plot on ltspice and ms-excel is same where as matlab showing wrong plot, can some body help me ?? i have attached wavforms with question
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Muhammad Saad Naeem
Muhammad Saad Naeem le 26 Mai 2017
because there are points in data where y and x proceed from non zero value to zero value and matlab plot this jump too though it is not desirable but i dont know is any kind of plote which does not draw transition from non zero point to zero point

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Abel Babu
Abel Babu le 30 Mai 2017
From the images that you shared, it would seem that there are multiple vectors that are expected to be on the plot. Both LT-Spice and MS-Excel seems to pick it up. Since MATLAB is a programming language you might be missing out a certain structuring of the data that would indicate MATLAB that, it is not a single vector data but different.
My rationale for arguing this would be from the images that you shared in which, LT-Spice plots the vectors in different color indicating that the there are different vectors being plotted, whereas in MATLAB the color of the lines in the plot are the same indicating that the entire data is taken as one vector. Fixing this would have all the plots behaving as the same.


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