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Feedback loop using MATLAB function block in Simulink gives wrong answers

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AMOL VAGAD le 30 Mai 2017
Hi, I am just implementing a very basic simulink function block to use a feed back loop as a test for its application in a larger project. According to the code the result should be 10 always. However I am getting -10 most of the time with some vague results initially of order 10^(-16). This is my function block code
function y = fcn(u,v)
y = 2*v+u;
This is the simulink diagram
What could be off here?

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Abel Babu
Abel Babu le 2 Juin 2017
Hi Amol,
The issue that you are facing might be due to the formation of algebraic loops, i.e a direct feed through, more about the same can be read here: https://in.mathworks.com/help/simulink/ug/algebraic-loops.html
Hence, a way out of this would be to introduce a delay. If you are using continuous time, use the Transport Delay else use the Delay (Simulink/discrete)


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