Classifiers. How can i draw 3-D plot ?

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Pramod Bhat
Pramod Bhat le 2 Avr 2012
Hai friends, I am trying to use SVM and Naive Bayes classifiers given in MATLAB for 3-class classification. Can they be used used as multi-class classifiers ?
If yes, in case of SVM classifier how can i modify the functions 'svmclassify' and 'svmtrain' given in matlab to show 3-d plots ?
Thanks in advance-)

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Richard Willey
Richard Willey le 2 Avr 2012
The SVM implementation in Bioinformatics Toolbox is limited to binary classification.
The Naive Bayes classifier in Statistics Toolbox is able to perform multiclass classification. (As can boosted and bagged decision trees, linear discriminant analysis, ...)
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Pramod Bhat
Pramod Bhat le 3 Avr 2012
Thanks for the help.
Could you please elaborate second part of your answer ? And can you please give me SVM code for multi-class ?

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Richard Willey
Richard Willey le 3 Avr 2012
I have a webinar entitled An Introduction to Classification with MATLAB.
The code is available for download from the file exchange.

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