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Why is the MuPAD app button no longer available in MATLAB R2016b?

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Before MATLAB R2016b, a new MuPAD Notebook could be launched through the 'Apps' tab in the MATLAB desktop environment. This option is no longer available. What should be used instead for symbolic mathematics? How can my existing MuPAD Notebooks be run and modified?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team le 7 Mai 2024 à 0:00
Modifié(e) : MathWorks Support Team le 10 Mai 2024 à 7:09
Starting with MATLAB R2016a, the recommended approach for working with Symbolic Math Toolbox is to use the MATLAB Live Editor. The MATLAB Live Editor is a transformative way to write and share code. Please see the following videos for more information:
If you are using a MATLAB release between MATLAB R2016a and MATLAB R2023b, the "convertMuPADNotebook" function can be used to convert MuPAD notebooks (.mn) to MATLAB live scripts (.mlx). MATLAB live scripts support most of the MuPAD functionality, though there are some differences.
For information on the differences and troubleshooting the issues arising due to these differences, please refer to the following links:
Differences between MATLAB and MuPAD syntax: 
Please note: MuPAD Notebook can still be launched using the MATLAB function “mupad”.

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