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KarthiK Krishna Kumar
KarthiK Krishna Kumar on 18 Mar 2011
Hi, I am trying to communicate with different instruments such as Audio analyzer R&S UPV, power supply Agilent etc, and i am using GPIB interface. I was successful in establishing the communication with the above mentioned instruments. I am now trying to control CMU200 instrument from R&S via Instrument control toolbox and i am facing trouble in doing so and i would like to seek the advice of experts.
From the mathworks website i downloaded the driver for CMU 200 and added the .mdd file to "C:\..\R2010b\toolbox\instrument\instrument\drivers" ( Now when i SCAN for the instrument though it is connected via GPIB it is not getting listed. A power supply and CMU 200 is connected via GPIB to my PC, and TMTOOL indicates the Presence of Power supply but not the CMU 200. I am not able to figure out what's wrong. Kindly provide your suggestions !!!
Thank you!!!

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Ankit Desai
Ankit Desai on 18 Mar 2011
Hi Karthik,
When using GPIB interface, you might want to make sure that your instrument is configured to use GPIB interface and that it has a unique primary address. You can change the address from the instrument's front panel such that it is unique (different from other instrument's primary address).
Since you plan to use the VXIPnP driver, you need to download and install the VXIPnP driver from R&S website. Once you install the driver, you can confirm the installation by using the instrhwinfo('vxipnp') command. From there on, you might want to follow the Using VXIplug&play driver section of the online documentation.
Hope this helps,

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