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How to increase the training and testing accuracy in CNN training?

Asked by Ravish Raj on 20 Jun 2017
Latest activity Answered by As Has on 20 Nov 2017
I am using MATLAB for CNN training. I have a data set of 27,000 images and angles corresponding to that images. My sample code is : %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
layers = [imageInputLayer([32 32 1])
options = trainingOptions('sgdm', 'MaxEpochs', 50,'InitialLearnRate', 0.0003);
convnet = trainNetwork(trainZ, trainAngle, layers,options);
% trainZ is my 4D matrix of images and trainAngle is 2D array of angles corresponding to images!
resultant_Train = classify(convnet,trainZ); %Training data
resultant_Valid = classify(convnet,validZ); %Validation data
My training accuracy is 70%
but test accuracy is only 2%;
I am completely blank what to do next. Do you have any suggestion? How can I improve my test accuracy?
Can someone also suggest how can i use adam in place of sgdm in optimizer?

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Well increase the number of layers. minimum number of network layers should be 7. Make the network denser as the name suggest deep CNN. increase the number of epochs.

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1 Answer

Answer by As Has on 20 Nov 2017

hi sir did you find any solution for your problem , i have the same on


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