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Can PLC Coder generate ST from "MATLAB Function"-Block that uses Classes?

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Clemens Betzold
Clemens Betzold on 28 Jun 2017
Edited: Sri Kapali on 22 Feb 2021
Hello everybody,
i am trying to generate structured text from a "MATLAB Function"-Block using PLC Coder.
Within the "MATLAB Function"-Block, i create an instance of a very simple MATLAB Class:
function y = fcn(u)
test = PLCtest();
y = test.a + u;
The used class "PLCtest" is defined as follows:
classdef PLCtest
a = 5;
When i try to generate ST from the "MATLAB Function"-Block with PLC Coder, i get the error:
Is there a way to include Classes for PLC code generation? I have MATLAB 2016a and Simulink PLC Coder 2.1.

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Sri Kapali
Sri Kapali on 22 Feb 2021
Edited: Sri Kapali on 22 Feb 2021
My understanding is that you would like to generate code for MATLAB class definitions using Simulink PLC Coder. Simulink PLC Coder currently does not support MATLAB classes for code generation. You could try converting you class definition to a Simulink.Parameter or Simulink.Enum type object to generate structured text code for the same.

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