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How to fit multiple Gaussian functions in image without using the Curve fit GUI?

Asked by Tara Prasad Mishra on 29 Jun 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Massimo Zanetti on 11 Jul 2017
I am trying to fit multiple Gaussians in a TEM image. I want to achieve this using coding rather than the curve fitting tool.


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1 Answer

Massimo Zanetti 님의 답변 29 Jun 2017

Hi Mishra,
here it the function you need fitgmdist.
It does fitting using Gaussian mixture model.


Hello Massimo, I need 3D Gaussian since there is an intensity component involved with the images. Is there any method to fit multiple 3D Gaussian data?
fitgmdist is not restricted to 2 dimensions as far as I am aware
As Adam says, fitgmdist fits multi-dimensional data. In the doc page you see the input is a matrix X where rows are observations and columns are variable. Therefore, if you are dealing with 3-dimensional data, your matrix X will be size N-by-3, where N is the number of observations.

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