Curve smoothing using Matlab

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Shalini le 6 Avr 2012
Commenté : Samuel Suakye le 6 Juin 2017
I have got an experimental curve which is a bit wavy (curve has a lot of noise and hence is wavy).
I want to smoothn the curve using Matlab.
Can anyone advise the best tool in Matlab for this?
I wanted to attach the plot of curve which needs to be smoothened but couldn't find a way to attach it here.

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Jonathan Sullivan
Jonathan Sullivan le 6 Avr 2012
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Shalini le 6 Avr 2012
Do you mean:
yy = smooth(y)
where; yy is the smoothed vector? And, y is the dependent variable (of the curve) that needs to be given?

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Richard Willey
Richard Willey le 6 Avr 2012
I have a function called FitIt on the file exchange that might prove useful.
FitIt combines
Local regression (to smooth your data set) Cross validation (to estimate an optimal spanning parameter) Bootstrap (to generate confidence intervals)
FitIt has dependencies on both Curve Fitting Toolbox and Statistics Toolbox.
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Taymaz Tek
Taymaz Tek le 9 Juin 2012
Thanks in adavnce

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski le 9 Avr 2012
How about smooth() :)
doc smooth
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Samuel Suakye
Samuel Suakye le 6 Juin 2017
figure clear; clc; delta=[0.0259, 0.0518, 0.0776, 0.1035, 0.1293]*10; %delta=0.01:0.09:0.5; delta1=0.01:0.1:0.5; hbar=6.5821220*10e-16; k=8.617385*10e-5; T=300; d=[100 150 200]*10e-10; m = 9.1093897*10e-31; v = 2.8*10e8; c = 3.0*10e8; wp = 10e12; w = 0.7071; gamma = (1-((v^2)/(c^2)))^-0.5; delta2= delta1./(k*T); %% figure hold on for i = 1:length(d) wo=(wp^2*m*d(i)^2*delta1.*besseli(1,delta2))./(hbar^2*besseli(0,delta2)).^(0.5); delta3=delta./(k*T); therta = asind(1-(w.^2./wo.^2)).^0.5; wb = gamma.*wo.*cosd(therta); %wb^2=2 rho=(hbar^2.*2.*besseli(0,delta3))./(wp^2*m*d(i)^2*k*T.*delta3.*besseli(1,delta3)); plot(delta3,rho,'LineWidth',1.5) end %% xlabel('\Delta^*') ylabel('E_b/E_s') hold on grid on All comments are not working for my codes above

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