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How to find quickly check two datasets for anomolies

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Wouter on 30 Jun 2017
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I have two datasets both consisting out of multiple samples. One dataset consists out of samples of which I know it does not show any problems, one datasets which shows problems. Now I want to quickly find all the anomolies. How can I achieve this? I already found Which I think I can use but I want to check if there are other possibilities/tools.
Two definitions:
A sample consists out of two vectors with X (time/frequency) and Y (measurement) data. They have equal length.
A collection of samples do not necessarily all have equal length. Furthermore, the X data of the collection does not (necessarily) have overlap. For instance, with one sample the X vector is [0.7447 1.4894 2.2341 2.9789 3.7236 ...]. While the other is [0.7024 1.4049 2.1073 2.8098 3.5122 ...]
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Jan on 30 Jun 2017
How is "anomaly" defined mathematically in your case? The definition "shows problems" is not enough to suggest a code.

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