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cumulative sum by hour

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Jonathan Roadley-Battin
Jonathan Roadley-Battin le 3 Juil 2017
Good afternoon,
I capture hourly information with regards to usage such that the file appears like:
Name, dd/MM/YY HH:MM, used
jon, 03/07/17 12:00, 1
mark, 03/07/17 12:00, 1
mary, 03/07/17 12:00, 1
jon, 03/07/17 13:00, 1
mary, 03/07/17 13:00, 1
The data is stored in an CSV.
What I would like is to create a cumulative sum per hour
03/07/17 12:00, 3
03/07/17 13:00, 2
two separate fields, timeseries and a summation. The aim is to show usage on a per hour basis (user information is not needed for this. I could brute force an sum on an hourly basis but I am hoping not to resort to an iterative approach.
Is there simpler method to collate such data?

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Sally Al Khamees
Sally Al Khamees le 13 Juil 2017
Hi Jonathan,
You can read the file into cell arrays and then, use "find" function to get the indices of yourdesired rows and then, use "sum" function for the sum of entries


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