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Plotting missing data in MUPAD

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Rock le 7 Juil 2017
Commenté : Rock le 17 Juil 2017
Simple question: I want to plot a list with missing data, i.e. where data is missing, I don't want anything plotted there, I want a gap in the point series. This works: plot(plot::PointList2d([[1,2],[2,4],[3,3],[4,2]])). However, this doesn't: plot(plot::PointList2d([[1,2],[2,4],[3,NaN],[4,2]])). Thank you!!

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Sally Al Khamees
Sally Al Khamees le 13 Juil 2017
Hey Rock,
NaN does not work with MuPad.
Here is link that describes the differences in syntax between MuPad and ML:
I also also suggest using live scripts instead of MuPad
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Rock le 17 Juil 2017
Hi Sally, many thanks. I tried 'plot(plot::PointList2d([[1,2],[2,4],[3,undefined],[4,2]]));' as your link suggests, but it still doesn't work: it does not give an error message now, but strangely it does not plot anything either; when I run it, nothing happens... Any idea?

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