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Why does xlabel and ylabel not show with axes when I set the xlabel and ylabel using plottools?

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I cant't attach xlabel and ylabel to the figure using plottools when I set the xlabel, ylabel and zlabel.
The zlabel is only show.
What is the reason for this behavior?

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Sally Al Khamees
Sally Al Khamees le 14 Juil 2017
Modifié(e) : Sally Al Khamees le 14 Juil 2017
Hi Takayuki Honda,
I am able to show the labels by changing their positions to fit them in the figure. I suggest changing the labels units to normalized in the future if you face the same issue. As per the documentation "Normalized with respect to the axes. The lower left corner of the axes maps to (0,0) and the upper right corner maps to (1,1)."
Here is how you can view the labels
>>figHandle = gca;
>>figHandle.XLabel.Units = 'normalized'
>>figHandle.XLabel.Position = [0.8 0 0]

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