How to plot multiple Xaxis Label| Unit in Hour and Time of the day? Both XLabel at the bottom

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Hi Coder, May I know how to plot double Xaxis Label. In addition, both the Xlabel will be at the bottom and tick should be align, atleast. I know there are several example in the net. However, I fail to reproduce it according to my requirement. I really appreciate for any hint.
Yaxis = rand(1,8); %4 reading per day at 0930,1300, 1500, 1800
Xaxis_TimeHour = [9 13 15 18 33 37 39 42];
% If time start from zero, the reading in two will be at 9,13,15,18,33,37,39,42
Xaxis_TimeofDay = [0900 1300 1500 1800 0900 1300 1500 1800];
scatter (Xaxis_TimeHour ,Yaxis);
xlim([0 48])
ylim([0 1])
tick = 0:4:48;
set(gca, 'XTick', tick)
set(gca, 'XTickLabel', arrayfun(@num2str, tick, 'UniformOutput', false))
set(gca, 'XMinorTick', 'off')
set(gca, 'TickDir', 'out')
a=axes('Position',[.1 .2 .8 .7]); % I dont now how to efficiently positioned the sub-Xaxis Label~

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dbmn le 12 Juil 2017
You could do something like this:
ax1 = gca;
ax2 = axes('Position',ax1.Position,...
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balandong le 12 Juil 2017
Hi Dbmn, Thanks for your suggestion. But, what I need is both XAxis label at the bottom. Appreaciate the time taken entertaining this problem.

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