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Acceleration vs Time plot

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Farrukh Karimov
Farrukh Karimov le 12 Juil 2017
Commenté : Farrukh Karimov le 12 Juil 2017
Hello everybody,
I am a new MATLAB user, so I would like to plot Acceleration vs Time plot, Acceleration vs Frequency to interpret the FFT results of a structural vibration problem. I have data such as acceleration and time in "mat" format, the file which consist of acceleration results indicates "Cannot display summaries of variables with more than 524288 elements" when I try to open it. So I have no idea how to start. I would appreciate if somebody helps me. Thank you for understanding!

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dbmn le 12 Juil 2017
The error you described appears if you try to view the variable in the varible editor so
  • Suggestion 1: dont use the variable editor and plot what you need directly, f.ex.
plot(time, acc)
If this does not help you, you might need to reduce what you want to display. Here are two possibilities (without looking further into the structure of your data)
  • Just plot each nth element (might be a problem with narrow peaks on a fft)
n = 20;
plot(time(1:n:end), acc(1:n:end))
  • Just plot the first n elements (can also be done in a loop)
n = 20000;
plot(time(1:n), acc(1:n))
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Farrukh Karimov
Farrukh Karimov le 12 Juil 2017
Thanks, you saved my life!

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