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How can I interpolate

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Gustavo Caldeira
Gustavo Caldeira le 13 Juil 2017
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Hi everybody I'm trying to create some tools to help analyze my measurements and I need some help. Here's my problem: Sometimes I measure some variables with different frequencies for instance, 2 and 5Hz, and now I want to interpolate the variable with the least row numbers in order to make this variable with the same row numbers as the variable with the most row numbers. I want this tool to automatically "recognize" which variables have less number, interpolate them and finally assign them to original variable with the interpolated values. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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dbmn le 14 Juil 2017
Try to include some of the following functions in your code
% This allows you to "count" the number of elements in your variable
numel(x(:,1)); numel(x(1,:))
% use that if you just want to count the number of element in a row or column vector of your data
And for the interpolation part use
x_new_short = x_long;
y_new_short = interp1(x_short, y_short, x_new_short);
So basically what you want to do is
  1. Figure out which Element is longer/shorter using numel
  2. Interpolate the shorter element to the long size using interp1
Try to write your own code and post it here, if you are still having trouble...

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