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how to find optimize value with two variables

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bhan stokes
bhan stokes le 18 Juil 2017
Réponse apportée : dbmn le 18 Juil 2017
i  have an objective function j where  j=x+1/y; and x and y are calculated for different values of dd such that dd=.5:.015:.20 i need to apply steepest ascent method to speed up the process  can u please help how can i do this  
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Rik le 18 Juil 2017
Is this a fitting problem? If so, why not use the fit function? If not, have a read here and here. It will greatly improve your chances of getting an answer.

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dbmn le 18 Juil 2017
If I understand correctly, you have:
x = f(dd);
y = g(dd);
j = f(dd) + 1/g(dd) = h(dd);
which is a one dimensional optimization problem. Check out fminsearch or fminbnd or simply write the steepest descent algorithm by yourself (ascend = -1*descent).
or are just certain values for dd to be used? Is y, x, freely chosable? more info needed.


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