Unable to use mod function on cell array

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Joel Abrahams
Joel Abrahams le 19 Juil 2017
Say I have cell array A with size 10x10.
I want to perform a modulo on the 6th column of A, which is all numbers.
I have tried the following:
A(:, 6) = arrayfun(@(x) mod(x, 80), A(:, 3));
But then I get the error:
Undefined function 'mod' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
I then tried the following:
A(:,6) = mod(A(:,6), 80);
But I still get the same error. How do I do this?
I have also tried using cellfun:
A(:, 6) = cellfun(@(x) mod(x, 80), A(:, 3));
But then I get the following error:
Conversion to cell from int64 is not possible.

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dbmn le 19 Juil 2017
you try to convert a int/double to a cell
% Create random Variable A
% check if your cellfun is working
tmp = cellfun(@(x) mod(x, 80), A(:, 3));
% it is! no errors, great
% now lets assign that thing to your cell
% do a quick check about the types
% Uh oh, double and cell - that assignment wont work. We need to convert
% try
A(:,6) = num2cell(tmp);
% that works
And now that we know that it works, we try to do it nicely
A(:, 6) = num2cell(cellfun(@(x) mod(x, 80), A(:, 3)));
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Joel Abrahams
Joel Abrahams le 19 Juil 2017
Ah yes num2cell was the missing piece, thank you!

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Guillaume le 19 Juil 2017
Faster than using cellfun would be to convert the cell column to a matrix, perform the mod and convert back to a cell array:
A(:, 6) = num2cell(mod(cell2mat(A(:, 6)), 80));
On a large cell array, this probably is a lot faster.


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