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Creating a standalone .exe of an .m file that calls a simulink model

Asked by Thaddäus Wiedemer on 19 Jul 2017
Latest activity Answered by Ewoud Meijvogel on 6 Mar 2019
I have a .m file that controls a gui. A slider in the gui is used as input for a simulink model. My goal is to create a standalone of this whole application, that runs on a PC where neither Matlab nor Simulink are installed.
My approach so far is to generate a standalone .exe out of the simulink model, modify the .m script to pass the input values to this .exe and get the output values, and then generate a .exe out of the .m script.
I have several questions on how to do this:
  1. Is this the correct approach or would it be better to create a dll out of the simulink model?
  2. If this is the way to go, which target in the code generation allows the easiest passing of values to the simulink model .exe? I found three different options: ert_shrlib (host based shared library), grt (Generic Realtime Target) and rsim (Rapid Simulation Target). Which of these should I use?
  3. Are there any step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this? Or even examples of a similar project?
Thanks you very much!


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Answer by Saurabh Gupta on 21 Jul 2017
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One way would be to generate code from MATLAB Code and Simulink model independently, integrate them manually and compile them together into an EXE. But since GUI related functions are generally not supported by MATLAB Coder, this approach may not work.
You could try the following approach:
3) call it in your MATLAB Code and
All the best!


@ Saurabh,
I have nearly the same problem like Thaddäus. I have a gui which uses a Simulink modell do create data and I want to create a standalone on windows x84.
My gui uses "sim" to run my Simulink model.
After compiling the gui, I found out that "sim" can not be compiled.
Now I took your way to make my project successful.
I have already generated my shared lib. Could you please explain from which component do I need a mex file ? How can I call mex files to run my simulation from gui? Do you have or know any examples that solve this problems?
I could not find something helpful on the Internet.
Hi Michael,
Only a shared library is not sufficient, you also need to write application code as a wrapper that uses it. Then, mex this combination of application code with the library, and replace the sim calls with the corresponding calls to your MEX API before creating the executable.
Hope this helps!

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Answer by Lars Risbo on 8 Nov 2018

Do you have a complete example that I can follow? I have no idea on how to write the wrapper code. I have seen such an example somewhere but the link has gone bad.
Best regards,

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I have the same lack in the solve of the problem, I have no idea how to write the wrapper code, could anyone help us to sucess on it?

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Answer by Ewoud Meijvogel on 6 Mar 2019

Hey @Saurabh Gupta,
I have stumbled into to same situation. Is this approach worth taking a shot.
Have you been succesfull in making a standalone?
Thank you in advance,
Ewoud Meijvogel


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