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How to edit surf graph in MATLAB?

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Wittaya Sata
Wittaya Sata le 20 Juil 2017
Commenté : Wittaya Sata le 30 Juil 2017
Hi. I want plot Matrix to surf 3d graph on left picture, but I plot show on right picture. How to fix or code me for plot graph on left picture?
#Thank you.
My code : code
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dbmn le 26 Juil 2017
If you want to get rid of the minus do:
zlim([-40 0]) % change limits, following walters remark
% now we take care about the minus
zticklabels(num2cell(-zticks)); % This creates new z-labels
Note if you update the zlims, you need to update the labels as well, because labels are just stickers that we put onto the z axis and they do not change when the axis changes.
Wittaya Sata
Wittaya Sata le 30 Juil 2017

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dbmn le 21 Juil 2017
This should help you get started. I just added some lines to your code to make it look more like the old one
hdl = surf(B);
shading interp
% added stuff
colormap(jet) % old colormap
colormap(flipud(colormap)) % invert colormap (following Walters Remark)
hdl.EdgeColor = 'k' % black lines
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 23 Juil 2017
zlim([0 40]) or possibly zlim([-40 0])
Wittaya Sata
Wittaya Sata le 24 Juil 2017
thank you for x y z lim

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