Computational Time Difference Between HxWxD Array and H*WxD Array

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Hello there.
I have some images which are RGB images or Hyperspectral images. I do some distance calculations for pixels by using those images and pre-calculated cluster centers. Let's say my image has size of 519x540x200 which is shown by Image and there is a matrix has size of 280260x200 which is shown by PixValues and it is created by:
[Height, Width, Dim] = size(Image);
PixValues = zeros(Height * Width, Dim);
for i = 1: Height * Width
[X , Y] = ind2sub([Height, Width], i);
PixValues(i,:) = Image(X,Y,:);
Which of the below has better performance?
for i = 1: Height
for j = 1:Width
Distance = distancecalculation(Image(i,j,:), ClusterCentern);
for i = 1: Height * Width
Distance = distancecalculation(PixValues(i,:), ClusterCentern);

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KSSV on 24 Jul 2017
You can put a timer and you yourself can come to about tic , toc , timeit


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