How to create a gridded matrix with N equally spaced points?

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matlabkid602 le 25 Juil 2017
Commenté : Stephen23 le 25 Juil 2017
I am trying to create a coordinate grid with equally spaced rows of N data points in the format of X and Y values.
How can I specify this in terms of maximum and minimum values ofX and Y values I want, so that I can create a table of points?
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Stephen23 le 25 Juil 2017
doc colon
doc linspace
doc ndgrid

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dbmn le 25 Juil 2017
I would advise to use one of the following for the grid
[X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y); % with x y being the vectors of your choice
[X2,Y2] = = ndgrid(x1,x2) % with x1 x2 vectors
to create the vectors x and y you could use any of the following
x = min_value:increment:max_value;
% or
x1 = linspace(x1_min,x1_max,number_of_values)

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