Importing large .csv files into MATLAb but confined by limits of excel

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So I am using an Arduino to collect many values over a long period of time. I am storing these values in a CSV file. Excel does not let you exceed 1048576 rows in one file. However, that is only 8 minutes worth of data for me and I want to collect about 24 hours of data. Now I thought, I will just open the file straight in matlab, surely matlab doesnt have a restriction such as this one. To my dismay, when I open up my file in MATLAB it only shows me 1048576 rows, just like excel. So does matlab have a restriction? When I open the disk the .csv file is written on, there is a small excel icon next to it (by default I am supposing). Does this mean when I import it into Matlab, it is importing it not only as a .csv file but also as an excel file, and the restrictions of excel are imposed upon it? I am using uigetfile to open it up. Thank you
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Stephen23 on 25 Jul 2017
uigetfile does not load any data files, so it is unclear how you are loading this data into MATLAB.

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 25 Jul 2017
Hi Patrick,
the importer you mention will use xlsread in the background and yes, would be limited by the same limit.
But: nobody stops you from reading the file directly, the easiest will be to use a datastore:
doc datastore
Hope this helps,
Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson on 7 Jan 2019
I am having the same issue. However, I am uploading data from an IMU device and I think it is uploaded on to the computer as a .csv
Is there anyway I can get around that?

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