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is 'runmean' is compatible with Matlab16b? i have magnetic field data for hours. i want to get moving average of that. how can i do?

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my data length is like 50000. I want to get the running average. please help.

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dbmn le 26 Juil 2017
runmean is a function from the file exchange. But there is a whole Group of functions available from mathworks.
You should check out movmean and the rest of the "mov" family
M = movmad(A,k)
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Biswajit Ojha
Biswajit Ojha le 5 Août 2017
thamk you. its working perfectly. but why not "runmean" is working?
Jan le 5 Août 2017
Modifié(e) : Jan le 5 Août 2017
@Biswajit Ojha: Please mention the problems you observe with any details. What does "is not working" mean? It is much easier to find the reason of a problem than to guess, what the problem is.
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