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measure diameter of circle

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fauzi rachman
fauzi rachman le 24 Août 2017
Réponse apportée : dbmn le 24 Août 2017
Hi, I have project to measure diameter of microbubble. I succeed to detect circle but have no idea to measure diameter. the example is like below
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KSSV le 24 Août 2017
In the above bar plot..xaxis is diameter....already you have the diameters in hand....and when you get circles..it comes with radius or diameter information...
Adam le 24 Août 2017
Surely if you have already detected the circles it isn't hard to get their diameters? What format do you have the detected circles in?

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dbmn le 24 Août 2017
As KSSV and Adam suggested, you should already have most Information readily available when you were able to detect the circles (circles are usually characterized by a parameter for center and radius).
> If you for example use the Matlab-built in imfindcircles it should give you something like
A = imread('coins.png');
[centers, radii, metric] = imfindcircles(A,[15 30]);
viscircles(centersStrong5, radiiStrong5,'EdgeColor','b');

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