I cannot install Support Package for Analog Devices® ADALM-Pluto Radio with R2017a

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I have downloaded adalmplutoradio.mlpkginstall and opened it with R2017a,then it download and install but download error as the following picture.The error says "There was a problem downloading the third-party software. To resolve this issue,contact Technical Support"
How can I install the Support Package for Analog Devices® ADALM-Pluto Radio succesfully? thx, Iris.

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Answers (2)

Robin Getz
Robin Getz on 1 Aug 2018
Which is R2017A or higher - so that should work. Older versions of MATLAB will not.
The only thing that is downloaded for the support package is available on github, - the library and the drivers. As long as you can get to those pages from your PC - it shouldn't have any issues.

Borja Marcos
Borja Marcos on 5 Sep 2019
I had a similar problem running on Mac OS X.
The cause was a conflict between the USB Ethernet driver that allows ADALM-PLUTO to be contacted via IP and the Matlab package which seems to need direct USB access.
I uninstalled the driver (for Mac OS X it is called HoRNDIS) and it works perfectly.


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