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Call Python function scipy.stat​s.anderson​_ksamp from Matlab 2017a with options

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Eric on 12 Oct 2017
Answered: Eric on 23 Oct 2017
It's straightforward to call the Python KS test from MATLAB:
foo = py.scipy.stats.ks_2samp(rand(1,50),rand(1,70));
But when I call the Anderson-Darling k-sample test this way I get one error:
bar = py.scipy.stats.anderson_ksamp(rand(1,50),rand(1,70));
"Python Error: AxisError: axis -1 is out of bounds for array of dimension 0"
and this way results in another error (here, I'm trying to set midrank = false, thinking that might be the cause of the previous error)
bar = py.scipy.stats.anderson_ksamp(rand(1,50),rand(1,70),false);
bar = py.scipy.stats.anderson_ksamp(rand(1,50),rand(1,70),'false');
bar = py.scipy.stats.anderson_ksamp(rand(1,50),rand(1,70),'midrank=false');
"Python Error: TypeError: anderson_ksamp() takes from 1 to 2 positional arguments but 3 were given"
I've read as well as older questions about calling Python from Matlab, but the older questions do not apply to the current API.
Question 1: How do I call anderson_ksamp in MATLAB?
Question 2: How do I change the significance level of this test?
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Eric on 12 Oct 2017
Note: I'm using a newly installed Python 3.6 along with the Numpy and Scipy libraries (I am calling the correct version within my code).

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Eric on 23 Oct 2017
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