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code is not generating

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kilaparthi praveen
kilaparthi praveen le 25 Oct 2017
i need to blink the led for every 0.5sec.Actuvally i started with basic program (blinking of led).My professor wants to use this in my project to produce the pulses for inverter.I tried in so many ways.But every time i was showing some errors.This program have been trying for 10 days.But no result yet.I am using embedded coder c2000 package in my matlab 2016b ver and ccsv6.In youtube videos they did with ccsv4/5.but it is not same in ccsv6.Some one could you kindly help me on this.So your help is needed.
With regards, praveen.

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omer cakmak
omer cakmak le 21 Fév 2019
Hello Praveen
If you haven't solve your problem yet , I may give you some clue about your problem. First of all; are you sure about the correctly installation about CCS and Control Suite ? Becuase in mode "Code Generation Pane" my toolchain is setted to TI CCS automatically. (I am using R2017b and CCS7)
In order to check the installation of necessaray programs, you can write "targetupdater" to command window. If you insatalled all the programs correctly, you should see a pane like this;
You don't need C2000 ware if you have controlSuite. I hope this will help. If problem continue; please inform us.


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