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Command line Neural Network training stopping after 0 iterations

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I'm a bit stuck. I have some fairly large files which my ANN is training from and so I am using a grid computer to process to complete the ANN training in parallel using the significant resources this computer provides, however it runs MATLAB through command line. I have tested the code in the GUI and it works when
net.trainParam.showWindow = true;
but when I use
net.trainParam.showWindow = false;
net.trainParam.showCommandLine = true;
it stops at epoch 0 with
Training Feed-Forward Neural Network with TRAINSCG.
Epoch 0/50000, Time 0.22634, Performance 0.82729/0, Gradient 0.90148/1e-06, Validation Checks 0/300
Training with TRAINSCG completed: User stop.
Once I begin the run, I am not providing any commands or touching my computer at all, it will just auto-stop.
So if I run through the GUI, it iterates fine, but I don't have this option while processing through the grid computer as I control it only via SSH, so I need the project to run as per normal without the Neural Net window.
Any help is appreciated.


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Mary Abbott
Mary Abbott on 3 Nov 2017
I am able to reproduce this by starting to train a network with the GUI open, but then clicking "Stop Training" before it is done. After that, training any new network through the command line stops at epoch 0.
The behavior was corrected by either restarting MATLAB or allowing any network to complete training with the GUI open. Do either of these work for you?
Michael Kitselaar
Michael Kitselaar on 5 Nov 2017
So it is working fine with the GUI, but as I am using grid computing for this, I cannot run it in a GUI. I am doing it as submitting a job which launches matlab in the commandline, so it is starting a new instance of matlab in the process. I just tested it again, and the WB matricies files have been created, so something is causing it to stop early (possibly after the first iteration).
I am able to train on my own PC with the GUI open without issue, but it doesn't let me train in command line which the Grid Computer system will need. Unfortunately the data I am training it on is large, and there are 5 similar trainings which I will need to run (which the Grid Computer allows me to run in parallel) which causes running it through the GUI as not a practical option.

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Mary Abbott
Mary Abbott on 17 Nov 2017
In some versions of MATLAB, if a neural network is trained normally with the Training Tool GUI, the training is stopped or cancelled by the user, and then the user tries to train with command-line only output, training stops at epoch 0. I have forwarded the details of this issue to our development team so that they can investigate it further. To correct the behavior, please use one of the following workarounds:
1. Train any neural network through the GUI and allow the training to complete. This can be a simple example such as the one given in the documentation for "feedforwardnet":
After the training has completed, you should be able to train networks with the GUI disabled.
2. Restart MATLAB.


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