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How to get indices of selected uitable cell outside cellselection callback

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Kunal Singhal
Kunal Singhal on 31 Oct 2017
Commented: Maryam Abbaszadeh on 14 Sep 2020
I have a uitable in appdesigner with a struct array containing some elements from the table and some additional elements that I do not display in the table. I want to make changes to any of these elements after a press a button. I am trying to get the index/ data of the selected cell in the table which will help me locate them in the structure and then update the changes. Since there is no getselected function, how to get this index outside the cellselectioncallback without having to add additional column with check box


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Mary Abbott
Mary Abbott on 3 Nov 2017
To accomplish this, you can create a property in your app that will store the currently selected indices. Then, add a cellSelectionCallback that updates this property every time a new cell is selected. This would look something like:
% (Add selectedCell property to store indices)
% Cell selection callback: UITable
function UITableCellSelection(app, event)
app.selectedCell = event.Indices;


Eduardo Gaona Peña
Eduardo Gaona Peña on 7 Feb 2018
I'm trying something like this but my callback is not returning any value :( (see attached screenshot)
% Cell selection callback: UITable
function UITableCellSelection(app, event)
Petar Zuvela
Petar Zuvela on 30 Apr 2018
Actually, add a selection callback for your table and then copy the code below into it:
app.selectedCell = event.Indices;
Of course, don't forget to define selectedCell as a property.

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