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Bring components to the front in app designer

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Carla White
Carla White le 1 Nov 2017
I have an app that loads images into a UIAxes component and a list of input components to the right of this. As Matlab leaves a large border around the image I laid the inputs on top of the axes in design view. However when I run the app it still stays on top of a number of these. Is there any way I can tell Matlab to keep the inputs on top? Alternatively is there a way I can reduce the border around the axes? I have done this in scripts in the past using the 'tightinset' property but I get an error telling me I am not allowed to edit this n app designer.
Thanks Carla

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami le 26 Août 2021
If you only wish to display the image and not interact with it (eg zoom) then perhaps you can use uiimage to display your image instead of uiaxes.


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