I have matrix A =[nx1] & B = [nx1] I want to combine them into C = [ nx2]

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Rashid Hussein
Rashid Hussein le 3 Nov 2017
I tried to do plot ( A,B) But it showed me 2 lines in one plot
Because I wanted to make A as x-axis & B as y axis in plot

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Guillaume le 3 Nov 2017
The title of your question has nothing to do with the body of your question.
To answer your title:
C = [A, B];
To answer the body:
plot(A, B)
is indeed the correct syntax to plot B as y values and A as x values. If you get 2 lines in the legend, that would be because B has twice the numbers of rows or columns of A. If A and B are indeed both nx1, you cannot get two lines.
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Rashid Hussein
Rashid Hussein le 4 Nov 2017
Modifié(e) : Rashid Hussein le 4 Nov 2017
Thank you and for the function name , then yes I misspelled the name here , anyway I have a clue of what I should do & thank you again sir .

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KL le 3 Nov 2017
Modifié(e) : KL le 3 Nov 2017
C = [A, B]
for plotting A against B, you are right,


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