finding the 10 biggest values in a cell array

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AA on 5 Nov 2017
Answered: Walter Roberson on 6 Nov 2017
I have a cell array 10x10 that consists of of several matrices (1000x1) with integers. I want to find the 10 biggest integers in that cell array and the corresponding column and rows in the cell array and the corresponding row in the matrix.

Answers (2)

mizuki on 6 Nov 2017
Use cell2mat and find would be the easiest way. If you do not want to convert the cell array into the double array, use cellfun .

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Nov 2017
data_matrix = horzcat(YourCellArray{:});
[sorted_matrix, sort_idx] = sort(data_matrix, 'descend');
best_10_vals = sorted_matrix(1:10);
best_10_idx = sort_idx(1:10);
[orig_row_in_cell, cellnum] = ind2sub(size(data_matrix), best_10_idx);
[orig_cell_row, orig_cell_col] = ind2sub(size(YourCellArray), cellnum);
YourCellMatrix{orig_cell_row{K}, orig_cell_col{K})(orig_row_in_cell(K)) == best_10_vals(K)


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