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Error: Conversion to double from sym is not possible.

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Aisha F Colindres
Aisha F Colindres le 26 Nov 2017
I created a code to plot x versus a range of T as follows but keep getting the error "Conversion to double from sym is not possible. None of my attempts to fix this has worked, any help would be appreciated.
clc;clear all
V=3785.4; %dm^3
dHrx=-25000; %cal/mol
R=1.987; %cal/mol*K
To=300; %K
E=15000; %cal/mol
syms x V z y Kc
eqn=V-((z./y).*(x./(((1-x).^2)-((1./Kc)*(x.^2))))) == 0;

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Karan Gill
Karan Gill le 27 Nov 2017
To plot symbolic expressions, use fplot instead of plot. See https://www.mathworks.com/help/symbolic/fplot.html .
Also, why are you plotting "x" against "t"? I assume you want to plot "solx".

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