How cann i get images from HDF5 data?

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Christoph Rumancev
Christoph Rumancev le 27 Nov 2017
Commenté : Stefan Stanko le 4 Nov 2021
i have a HDF5 Data with following structure:
>> h5disp('NT_D1_3_120516_00004_data_000001.h5')
HDF5 NT_D1_3_120516_00004_data_000001.h5
Group '/'
Group '/entry'
'NX_class': 'NXentry'
Group '/entry/data'
'NX_class': 'NXdata'
Dataset 'data'
Size: 2070x2167x77
MaxSize: 2070x2167xInf
Datatype: H5T_STD_U32LE (uint32)
ChunkSize: 2070x2167x1
Filters: unrecognized filter (HDF5 lz4 filter; see
FillValue: 0
'image_nr_low': 1
'image_nr_high': 77
There are 77 images withi 2070x2167points. i can read the data with MatLab:
>> data = h5read('NT_D1_3_120516_00004_data_000001.h5','/entry/data/data')
and get a long list of numbers: see attachment.
now i need 77 images.
How can i get them?
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Stefan Stanko
Stefan Stanko le 4 Nov 2021
Hi, I am experiencing the same problem (but cannot even get the numbers because of the lack of a HDF5 lz4 filter). Did you manage to figure out a solution?

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Vishwas le 6 Déc 2017
There is no image ingestion tool available for hdf5 images.

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