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is it possible to create a stand alone system using simulink libraries?

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Samer on 11 Dec 2017
Commented: Samer on 27 Jun 2018
Is it possible to build a stand alone system using Zynq SDR support for communication system toolbox for Fmcomms3 and Zedboard?.
The link for the simulink library i am using:
I have experimented with this library and it served me well, is it possible to implement a SDR system that does not get connected to matlab and still capable of generating input signals and receives them using the same matlab logic on its own? (a custom boot image file).

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Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 11 Dec 2017
Hi Samer,
There are a couple of methods you can use to send or receive data with MATLAB disconnected.
Firstly, the repeated waveform transmitter function allows you to download a waveform to the board and have it repeatedly transmitted, even when disconnected from MATLAB.
Secondly, the HW/SW Co-design workflow allows you to generate HDL code for the FPGA and C code for the ARM processor from a Simulink model. This can be disconnected from MATLAB and run standalone, with a deployed FPGA image and C application.
Hope this helps,

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