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Suppress opening of Property Inspector

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Christian90 on 30 Dec 2017
Commented: Rik on 7 Jul 2019
I would like to view the contents of objects without using the property inspector. If I create a figure (or axes) object and double-click it in the workspace the property inspector opens. But instead, I want to browse the content like double-clicking an array or struct variable. How can I suppress the opening of the property inspector?
Thank you in advance


Christian90 on 30 Dec 2017
I can specify my question: I generate a figure:
Now I double click 'fig' in the Workspace and the Property Inspector opens up. Instead I would like to open the object in the "Variable Editor" window, just like an array for example.
Christian90 on 30 Dec 2017
ok, as a first workaround i can use openvar('fig') which opens the variable in the variable editor. But there must be a more convenient way...

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tye huo
tye huo on 7 Jul 2019
I also have this problem. I have not found a way to suppress it.

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Rik on 7 Jul 2019
This is not an answer. Please post your question as a separate question and delete this.

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