Matlab R2017b Simulink is not opening

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Matlab "R2017b-academic use" Simulink is not opening: Upon installation of Matlab R2017b and clicking of simulink icon the following error pops up:
Failed to load URL https://localhost:31515/toolbox/simulink/sltemplate/web/GalleryView/gallery.html?channel=/sltemplate/GalleryView/All/&viewType=All&SimulinkStartPageLuceneSearchIndexFeature=0&snc=RIMGKK with error (-111).
My OS Version is Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1. Can anyone kindly help in this regard, as I am a novice with computers.

Accepted Answer

Harish Ramachandran
Harish Ramachandran on 3 Jan 2018
This is due to network configuration issue.
Make sure that any Anti-Virus or Firewalls installed on the system are not blocking anything in the MATLAB installation directory.
If the network setting uses HTTP proxy, modify the network configuration to add an HTTP proxy exception.
In Windows, you can do this by : Going to Control Panel -> Network settings -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> turned ON "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" with "Use a proxy server for your LAN".

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sai sudeep
sai sudeep on 20 May 2021
my simulink is not opening ,it is showing busy.
please help..


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